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New temperature strings have been developed

Development of drifters with new temperature strings is the next step to go ahead with study of temperature processes in active layer of the Ocean, within ice and in the water below ice.

The strings were developed on basis of new temperature sensors with ±0.05°C accuracy instead of ±0.1°C and 0.01°C resolution instead of 0.04°C. The buoys are equipped with new ocean pressure sensors to watch the inclination and bend of string under influence of subsurface currents. Additional advantages are the synchronous samples from all the sensors, extension possibility to connect new sensors and neutral buoyancy of the cable. The last feature allows creating the buoys with up to 100-m strings for water layers (iceBTC100/40-30T3P), including below ice, on basis of standard SVP float with 40-cm diameter. The specially developed molding technology allows creating the thin ice profilers with reduced to 10-cm spacing between sensors (iceBTC1.1/40-12T0P).

These buoys are used now for study of ice, when water freezing and melting, temperature variability inside open water layers and below ice. In addition, the heat processes inside permafrost can be study. The buoys can keep operation in the Arctic for one year.