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Marlin-Yug is a research and manufacturing company, founded in 1990. The priority activity areas of the company are the development of unique scientific and technical equipment for environmental and scientific monitoring of the marine environment. In particular, we develop and produce the autonomous marine measurement platforms with different types of communication (including satellite), in particular - surface drifting buoys (drifters). Based on that, we are engaged in the development and implementation of drifting technology as one of the most promising tool to study the ocean and atmosphere variability. Modern measurement and information drifter capabilities allow performing measurements in-situ of all environmental parameters in any part of the World ocean, ensuring the delivery of information to users in real-time.

We are one of a few companies in the world that offers integrated solutions in the field of drifting technology; that are a reliable, inexpensive drifting buoys and measurement platforms of different prototypes with satellite connection. Our products are exported to more than 15 countries, including USA, France, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, which confirms the quality and relevance of our products.

Since the mid-1990s it was started producing of the SVP-B type of drifters. These buoys are fully consistent with international standards for using in the global drifter observations networks in the oceans.

Since the early 2000s the company started successful development of new perspective projects. In particular production of temperature-profiling drifters was begun. This type includes the set of unique buoys, which enable monitoring of the vertical distribution of temperature in upper layer of sea with high spatial and temporal resolution. Since 2010 the company develops and expands the range of products for the polar and sub-polar regions. In particular, this is equipment that adapt to long-term reliable operation in the harsh environment of Arctic. It provides under ice temperature monitoring. These products are used by scientific organizations as well as the oil and gas industrie companies.

Our company carries out full cycle of scientific and production activities: research, development, testing, manufacture, sale and support of products in use. We don’t propose a mass product; we are focusing at creating unique devices that are optimally adapted to the task. As developers and manufacturers, we can always upgrade our products according to the wishes of the customer. Scientific activity is one of the important activities of the company. This is due to joint activity with the Marine Hydrophysical Institute and other organizations - leaders in oceanographic science.

Developed and manufactured in the Marlin-Yug observation tools and methods of data processing allowed significantly expand information and measurement capabilities of environmental monitoring by means drifters. The results of company's employees are reflected in many scientific publications.


We hope for successful and mutually beneficial cooperation!