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More than 1000 day operation in Arctic of UpTempo temperature-profiling drifter

The piece of pictures, used here, is from UpTempo project site (courtesy: University of Washington). 

This temperature-profiling buoy was one from iceBTC60/40 drifters of first prototype. The structure of this buoy is shown here in the Marlin-Yug catalogue. Main difference of the first prototype from similar buoy in the catalogue was that the buoy had only one ocean pressure sensor at the end of temperature chain. Since 2014 the iceBTC60/40 drifters are equipped with three ocean pressure sensors, that allows to determine the level of chain inclination from vertical as well as the profile of chain. In addition it is used the new technology to calculate the actual depths of temperature sensors to get better accuracy of the temperature profile reconstruction.    

This unique temperature-profiling IMEI 300234011245950 iceBTC60/40 buoy was deployed on 30.08.2013 by the “Araon” icebreaker at the 81.52N 161.14W point (Canada Basin). Keeping all its measuring capabilities perfect, the buoy was in operation for three years without two weeks. This duration has maximum value for all the buoys deployed in Arctic under UpTempo project. The last contact with buoy via Iridium communication system took place on 16.08.2016 at the 72.06N 141.15W point. It was visible via telemetry information that buoy’s battery was fully emptied to this date. Being in operation the buoy did near 8600 km track with approximately 8 km/day mean velocity. It was accepted the unique volume of data with hourly resolution about ice movement, its thickness, parameters of air pressure and, that is main, - about thermal variability within water layer below bottom of ice. 

Near 8600 km track of the buoy since 30.08.2013 to 16.08.2016

The technology to get the buoy with temperature chain deployed on ice