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Arctic weather station

The low-cost Arctic weather station was developed. The main purpose of the station is to be installed on fast ice, which implies irrecoverable loss of equipment during seasonal destruction of the ice cover.

Main parameters measured are wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, GNSS locations. If necessary, other sensors can be installed. The sampling period is 10 minutes. The anemometer and radiation protective shield are produced by Davis Instruments. The mounting tripod to install the station on ground or ice as well as other parts of the station were developed and produced by Marlin-Yug. The parts are unified mainly with components from drifting buoys, which have reliable operation in Arctic. If the station is placed on moving ice, the device is equipped with the absolute orientation sensor to determine actual direction of wind. Data transfer is through Iridium satellite telemetry. The GSM and UHF link can be possible. The station keeps operation in the Arctic for half year. The option with extended battery pack and up to one year operation is possible. The station can be installed not only on ice, but also on the ground. The station allows creating on its basis the complex for synchronous measurements of the parameters of near-surface atmosphere, ice formations and properties of water layer below ice with operational data transfer through satellite link.